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Click through programs are an important component of internet projects. Sponsortest helps to compare the major sponsors which are known to be reliable and to select the best one for your page. You can spare yourself bad experiences because we already did it for you !

Some important information you should know about :
Discover the meaning of often used technical terms.
In the descriptions these definitions are written out as far as possible !
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Our ranking system :
It is simple. Our top ranking is five stars and our worst ranking is one star.
5 stars - best ranking -

Advertising programs :
The sponsors we really recommend, which are only the two ones we use ourselves,
can you find here below. The TOP 10 companies rank between 3 and 5 stars.

The rest is not recommended at all.

(1) Bclick
Bclick offers click through banner advertising in standard size (468x60). The banners are served from the Bclick host and rotate automatically. Of course your site has got to meet the usual rules, it will be reviewed within one business day after application. Installing the banners on your website is quite easy, the html code can be copied and pasted. Multiple banners on one page are allowed. Bclick only offers basic services but it also offers a good chance to get approved and it is a fast and easy way to start.

Payout information:
12 cents per click - standard
15 cents per click - over 1,000 clicks per month
17 cents per click - over 10,000 clicks per month
Checks issued once a month, check limit is $20
SiteUp Networks - USA
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(2) Advertising.com
Advertising.com offers click through and cpm banner advertising in 6 different sizes, popup consoles, text links and other special formats to choose from (e.g. ads for thin bandwidth or wireless users). The banners are served from the Advertising.com host and rotate automatically, a unique feature is that the click through rates are tracked in order to display high performing banners more often. Of course your site has got to meet the usual rules to get approved. Installing banners and consoles is quite easy, the html and java code can be copied and pasted. You may place up to four banners on one page. The thing is, they offer a very professional service but they also want very professional clients and websites.

Payout information:
13 cents up to 25 cents per click through
0.005 cents per impression (~)
Checks issued once a month, check limit is $25
Teknosurf.com - USA
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Deutsche Sponsoren

Eine Vielzahl an deutschen Sponsoren, die am häufigsten benutzten Fachausdrücke, ausführliche Details zum Bewertungssystem und natürlich die Topanbieter von Sponsorenprogrammen findet ihr auf den folgenden Seiten.

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